Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to survive without the necessary commodity

With time and innovations, man has become dependent on many things in life.

I could name a ton of them and the list would be incomplete.

One such essential commodity is toilet paper. We all need to go, so there is no shame in having it beside us all the time.

Recently this vital object was forgotten on board of a plane.


There was  chaos on board. People did not know how to face the situation. The air hostesses were being polite by handing paper napkins to the passengers to do their job and clean up.

My 2 cents

Sure, toilet paper has become essential, and we all need it. However, ask the third world countries, how do they manage without this bathroom tissue?.

Countries where toilet paper has still not surfaced, water is used.

Thank heavens for a natural product still available on this planet.

Dihydrogen monoxide


Man is an intelligent soul and can always tune himself according to the crisis in hand. The people on board were initially shocked but, adapted to the new change.

Using these essential objects versus getting addicted to them is of prime importance. They are two sides of a coin.

Mantra for today: Man should be able to draw a line of contentment, when essential objects are not around him.

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