Thursday, May 9, 2013

Would you publicize your Disease?

Social Media haunts all celebrities.

When celebrities come out honestly with what bothers them; the media is not at peace.

Lately, Catherine Zeta Jones came out saying that she is suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

Case Rested...right?


Media still keeps pushing all sorts of buttons on this celebrity who is trying hard to keep her poise especially with a mental disorder to fight.

She was brave enough to come out, and declare what bothers her. It was not out of sympathy, but to create awareness in the public, and also to state that everyone has problems.

My 2 cents
We all have our own set of problems but, many of us prefer to hide it. Are you one of them?

 She was bold enough to come out with it. We have to learn to respect that, and give her space for recovery.

Mantra for today: Problems come in everybody's life. It is how we deal with it; is the challenge.

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