Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How do you value freedom?

Freedom has lately been in the news.

Many of us use this noun for granted and crib about other issues.

  • Ask those soldiers who fight in harsh temperatures and unfriendly environment to keep their civilians safe.
  • Ask those innocent people who have been imprisoned by unjust laws of a country.
  • Ask a neighborhood where people are instructed to stay indoors because of a civilian who has gone berserk and is carrying a weapon and has injured a few.
  • Ask people who are suffering from a disease and have been instructed to stay indoors cause of their low immunity.
  • Ask those people who have been chained inside a house for 10 long years, while undergoing physical and emotional abuse.
  • Ask people who are dependent on others for their care since they are weak and in poor physical condition.
Mantra for today: Freedom is precious, do not take it for granted. Show your gratitude towards it.
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