Monday, April 8, 2013

Air ticket based on your weight

Weight is becoming such an intense and controversial topic.

I guess since man is not looking out for himself. Society has been pointing finger in that direction.

Lately, an airline has been in the news for charging passengers based on their weight. The more the person weighs; the higher the $$ he shells out for his travel.

He ought to stand on the weighing machine; and then pay for his ticket.

My 2 cents
Making someone aware of their weight in this way, is not recommended. It is like a punishment. What if that person is ailing from a disease, and cannot put weight in balance.

Very soon, an individual will have to walk around with his health record in his hand. A particular disease will be charged more.

Mantra for today: Bringing awareness in a derogatory way could be taken as a taunt.

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