Thursday, March 7, 2013

TSA Cares

Last year was marked as a year of safe travel on plane, thanks to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and their strict rules that made us all feel safe in the air even if our skin was feeling dry and our throats parched.

At least we made it in one piece physically and mentally fit...Phew!

Lately, TSA has announced some new regulations. Starting from April 25th, pocket knives, small fancy bats, hockey sticks, 2 golf balls can be taken on the plane.

Forget the moisturizer or the water bottle. That is not essential. Pocket knives, hockey sticks, etc are crucial when up in the air. So, traveler pack on those bags and hop on that plane since you will have a fun time playing golf or dissecting those chairs with your pocket knives.

My 2 cents
I wish the Authorities would give logic behind their new regulations.

Mantra for today:Man is an intelligent soul, thus needs reasoning behind each act.
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