Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Cup of Tea

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Today's sentence is, "I tried to cook to impress, but turned out that I changed the flavor and essence of that food."


Read on...

Just entered my teens, and my mom asked me to make her a cup of tea. I was super excited over the thought that I will be near the gas stove all myself.

So, I readily agreed without making any excuses. We usually make tea in a pan with a cup of water, and then add in milk, sugar and tea leaves.

I did the usual drill, and  proudly presented it to my mom in a fancy cup and served on a tray.

Mom, was super impressed, and she took a sip of it while I stood there anxiously for her reaction.

Her first reaction after taking that sip was spitting it out. I was immensely curious, and asked, "What is wrong, mom? I guess it was too hot huh?"

Mom did not have the courage first, but since she could read my body language which stated, "drink up!"

She gave it in, "The tea is salty!" she blurted out.

I was confused, and refused to give in, thus argued relentlessly.

Poor mom, she could not even let me sip the tea since she had spit it out.

I stood unperturbed by her accusation, and started venting emotionally, "you are too perfect, and very difficult to impress. This was my first cup of tea without any supervision, and you could have at least given me a 5 out of 10."

The whole scene was getting too dramatic.

Dad enters the scene and did not realize what was happening. He sees the cup of tea on the table, and picks up and brings it to his lips, and he had the same reaction as mom. Infact, he was even more dramatic.

That made me realize that I added salt instead of sugar to the tea. The white granules were misunderstood.

Alas, my saga of being in charge backfired.

Mantra for today: Test your look-alike ingredients before using them. They could bring out the worst in a dish.

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