Friday, February 1, 2013

How to start a Reality Tv Show

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When it comes to reality TV shows, I am a dolt since I don't quite understand why these people in the show leave their "normal" life and try to mimic a scripted life on screen and portray that it is theirs.

If it had been a show such as Bold and the Beautiful or the Young and the Restless, I would understand that the characters are playing specific roles. But, seriously coming to a show where you try to show that your life in reality is that scripted form.

And surprisingly such shows are a mega hit, which concludes that it brings in a lot of dough to the producers. Money is the king!

How about putting my thoughts about Reality TV on the sideline and create an outline on how to start a reality TV show? I am sure I will gather enough funds for my retirement, and make unemployed people stars of the century.

1. Pick a bunch of unemployed people from the employment center. Make sure they bring in their families too. There should be a couple of kids who are smart to understand the directions such as when to cry and when to laugh.

2. Rent camera and their handy dandy stuff needed to shoot and employ some of the unemployed people to work behind it when, not in the show. After all these guys just have to point and shoot, when someone talks or laughs.

3.Make your own home as your TV Set. All the actors are in custody and do not leave that home until they are kicked out by polls, which would occur every week.

4. Ask the unemployed people to talk or walk or act really strange in that home. Some can even curse or strip to get attention. The more stranger they behave, the more time they get to stay in that home.

5. Time it for 2 months. Kick everyone out of the house until one remains. Finish the production.

6. Market  your Show as one of the wackiest ever seen while advertising the weirdest moments of the actors.

7. Voila, it will have a buyer in no time.

8. Aired on television, and before you know it; you will be asked to shoot more of such shows.

There, your future is bright!

Mantra for today: When opportunity knocks, grab it.
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