Monday, January 7, 2013

Pharmaceutical Industry

There are many streams of medicines discovered by man. To name a few are Homeopathic, Aryvuvedic, however; Pharmaceutical is the only stream of medicine that is flourishing the most, and is most advanced.

Advanced is an understatement.

Lately my concern has been over the billion dollar pharmaceutical company, and it's research and drug industry.

Did you know...

The only cure the pharmaceutical company made so far was in 1962. It was the cure for polio.

Other than that..there have been no cures reported. Drugs are made to debilitate the existing condition/disease in man.

Example: Autoimmune disease--Drugs are available to weaken the immune system so that the body does not attack thy self.

Pain in any organ of the body--pain killers are invented to numb the area where pain occurs.

The list is endless.

My question

With so much money spent on research and development. Why is the drug industry not able to come up with a cure?

Why are we taking alternate routes and not eliminating the disease from its roots?

Is the drug industry worried that by curing the disease, they will lose their market of patients?

Currently 90% of our population is suffering from some disease or the other. This is the reason, health industry is benefiting. But, had the drug industry looked for a cure instead of an alternate route, Man would be prospering with good health and wealth.

Mantra for today: Honesty towards Mankind will prosper the society in all ways.
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