Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Duck tape and its benefits

Duck tape is strong and sturdy and can take down any unruly human. It has the power to bring down anyone whether he be in the air or on the surface of the planet.

Lately, a passenger was misbehaving in the air and the remaining passengers united, and duct taped this headstrong individual to the seat and kept him in that position until the plane touched the ground.

The passenger tried to untangle himself but, alas the power of duck tape. It had him stuck to his seat, and his mouth was prevented from opening.

This tape was also used as a sealing tape on ammunition cases during World War II.

Duck tape is so powerful and sturdy that it has been going on every mission with the NASA engineers and astronauts on board. Study revealed that this tape was used in 1970 when one of the carbon dioxide filter from Apollo 13 failed command and helped save lives of three astronauts on board.

I hereby salute to the maker of Duck tape, which is a pressure sensitive tape coated with polyethylene.

Did any of you experience the wrath or the love of this tape?

Mantra for today: Never under estimate any one!

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