Friday, December 14, 2012

What is your Foundation?

Foundation is regarded as the ABC's of any skeleton.

Skeleton could be of bones or cement. A strong foundation is needed for any kind of structure.


Contributor: Scottchan
This foundation, if strong will take us miles and help us bear the fury of the hurricane or the wrath of a tornado.

How to make a strong foundation?

Build Shears around your foundation and that will shield you from all the negativity and darkness of the world. This Shear will make your foundation grow with positivity and soon it will radiate it's own rays around, and help illuminate the darkness.

It is just like the sun, when radiating, eliminates darkness.

Next time when hardship knocks on your structure. Do not fret. Just think how solid your foundation is. How it can withstand any storm and embrace it with open arms.

Mantra for today: Stand tall and strong, when turbulence lashes at your structure. Look within you and see that you are wired with steel and face it.
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