Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is there a Shortcut Software?

Shortcuts are preferred by most of us.

We tend to take an alternate route while driving or even to come to any solution.


Man loves shortcuts. We want success without sweating much. Being a competitive world, everyone wants to get ahead thus, prefers shortcuts. Thus, sometimes I wish we had a shortcut software. With technology booming, I am sure our genius engineers could try to program one.

Example: Want a shortcut to success

Solution: Use the shortcut software and it will give you tips on how to achieve it with no sweat at all.

But, can that be possible?

I wish it was.

 I wish there was a manual to achieve anything on this planet with just a click of a button.

But, man becomes wiser with the amount of experiences he has faced in his life. The number of times he falls and gets up will teach him different ways to reach that destination. This falling and getting up is essential for his emotional well being and could be the stepping stone for his success.

Mantra for today: The destination in life is not essential, but it is the journey that is mind blowing.
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