Friday, November 9, 2012

Why are Holidays becoming Expensive?

Simplicity is not favored anymore.

Festival time is the time when people want to spend and don't mind taking credit if they do not have sufficient funds.

Holidays are also the time to unwind from the daily grind. Be at home, enjoy the caroling or children swinging by for trick or treating, but going for an expensive costume is not the key to relieve stress, rather be who you are and enjoy the moment.

Why are holidays all about spending extravagantly and not just enjoying the present moment with whatever we have?

I heard people say, "This is the time to relieve our stress from the daily grind, and just do what I actually desire to do such as shop."
This could later on become a debt since difficult to pay up the credit card dues.

My 2 cents
Holidays should not become an expensive affair. We have to limit the usage of our wallet and still enjoy the festival since; once the festival is over, a person's stress could become double seeing the credit card bill.

Think twice before you plunge.

Celebration does not involve money. Small gestures can still make holidays bright and cheerful.

Mantra for today: Emotional Intelligence will make your future bright.
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