Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Is going to College a Luxury?

As the learned say that, education is one investment that will never go waste.

I sometimes fail to wonder if it is worth it. Sometimes, common sense and being in the right place at the right moment can also do wonders for some.

Luck plays a prominent role for those who aim highly.

With the increasing costs for everything. Parents wonder if they have saved enough to send their kid for higher studies. Loans are available for kids who desire to study, but many parents think of loaning them their money since; they have learnt through experience that debts are not easy and with the interest rates fluctuating, their child will be facing a lot of hurdles when it comes to debts and saving from their job.

Government supports students and encourages them to study ahead. As a result, there are many sponsorships programs and loans available for their welfare.  But, sometimes when I see the students burdened with the debt, I pity them, cause as of today there are 5.29% of jobless undergraduates and 3.3% jobless graduates trying to juggle with writing cover letter and mailing resume to companies all around and trying to make minimum payments on their loans by working some part time jobs.

This kind of scenario is so Demotivating that makes me think of higher education as loans and debts unless the parents can afford to loan their kids the money. But with this inflation, do the parents have sufficient funds for their retirement and can spare to loan some to the kids? I usually get all tensed when think about it, but then feel let destiny play some role in my planning. IF my kid is destined to go to college, a way will come out. Let me not fret over it, yet!

Mantra for today: All are born with destiny so, give it a few cents of credit

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