Monday, October 8, 2012

Enough is enough!

Ever wonder who sets the trends of the fall, winter, summer? 

Ever ponder on who created the guidelines for perfect figure?

Ever evaluated on how we termed things ugly or beautiful?

One plain and simple answer to the above is: Humans!

Yes, we are so powerful that we create the guidelines of existence on this one planet of life, Earth. Rules are good, but not to such an extent that they tend to overwhelm us and suffocate us. We are the majority of the living species on this planet then, why not just live and let live be our motto. Why do we have to poke at people who actually use their mind and not abide by the rules created by man especially such as following the fads of a season or dieting themselves to death to attain a particular figure or keep getting cosmetic surgeries to redefine himself?

Enough is enough! Let us scrape out those trends, let us abolish those numbers of a good figure, let us remove the term ugly/beautiful. 

We are beautiful and intelligent souls who know what makes us cool. 
Stick to it!

Mantra for today is: BE ORIGINAL
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