Friday, October 5, 2012

AK47 turns into Art


Guns, Violence, Bloodshed, Cries, Shouting and Uproar is becoming common.
Man has forgotten what peace is.

Guns are found everywhere. Sometimes to protect oneself from fanatic beings, who use these weapons as a toy. Gun has become another disease created by man and fortunately we have a solution to it.

Ban the Guns!
Let there be ceasefire amongst all countries that are fighting against each other. This will bring the usage of guns to a standstill.

Recently, artists decorated AK47's to highlight the ceasefire campaign and to promote peace.

Ever wonder what the world will be like, if no guns existed!
Sure, man will let out his anger by shouting, but that is it. We will not hear the loud gunshots, the terrified beings lurking in fear.

Ponder over the feeling of NO GUNS surrounding you and feel the liberation of fear and agony.

My Mantra for today: Peace
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