Monday, September 15, 2008

Why is my blog named, "Abracabadra"

I want to start my blog with a touch of magic...MAGIC

Wow, everybody believes in it and hopes that their wishes comes true for them..

So, what is magic? Does it really have powers to make a person's wish come true? Are people actually satisfied if/when the wish comes true?

All the above questions always make me realize the potential of magic..if my dream will come true..will I be satisfied? Will I stop craving for more or will I become more needy? With that greed of craving more and more..I sometimes wish the magic wand is waved at me, and I get what I want JUST for once, promising not to crave for more. But, again Mankind has known to be so selfish..after enjoying the happiness of my success/wish. I will start craving again and make those above promises..of not craving more.

Forgetting myself for a couple of minutes, would love to have some magic sprinkled on those victims of natural calamities, Innocent victims of terrorism, Victims who have lost everything and are clasping onto some kind of positive energy to get on with their lives. I pray and wish  magic wand be waved upon the above people. I am pretty sure..once these victims will get their basic wishes fulfilled..they will not be overwhelmed as a common man. The Fairy will be happy since she definitely has made some men on this earth content.

With all the sufferings happening in this world..I pray and wish that man stays content with whatever he has and not get materialistic. However, I do not deny that craving is the mother of inventions, but one can always draw a line somewhere.

So, for now let me draw a line here!

As the pixie fairy can say, Abracadabra and sprinkle some magic.

 I want to name my blog Abra-caba-dra cause with this blog I plan to blow out daily mantras from its mouth, and make myself/ people shape their destiny by their actions. These actions could even be attained by doing some salsa moves while listening to Caribbean music performed by Cabas!


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