Thursday, April 11, 2019

A Choice

“Come on! you can do it, Nate!” Mom urged her teen as he sat all heartbroken with a droopy head.

“Beggars can’t be choosers. I shall take what’s offered,” he shouted back at her.

There was silence.

With moist eyes, but a stern voice she said, “That’s untrue! Cause even beggars get an opportunity 

to choose. But they choose to take the easy route!” The son looked at her with a frown as she

continued, “What do you choose to do about your low grades? Accept defeat or get your concepts

right and take the retest?”

“Choice is yours!”

 In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story using the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers.” You can play with the words, alter them or interpret them without using the phrase. Give it any slant you want — show what it means or add to its  meaning. Go where the prompt leads!
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Sunday Reflections or Stumbling Towards Happiness by Bill Holland said...

For sure, the choice is always ours. :) Love the message!

Violet Lentz said...

I am left to wonder if begging is the easier choice? I mean, I wouldn't choose it. To me it seems way to difficult. I'd rather just have a job.

CharliMills said...

Ruchira, your story makes me think that we often make choices out of fear. But we do have a choice, even if they are not easy, they are often better for us in the long run. Mama is wise.