Saturday, February 16, 2019

Love to Let Go!

Sarah aimed her long stem glass at him, but instead, it hit the floor crashing into multiple pieces. 

She could see her slivered heart in each of those broken fragments as she wept uncontrollably. 

He looked from a distance but dared not to come near.

Minutes ticked by, which seemed endless to both.

“Go, Live your way!” 

“Thank you” he squealed and exited the room with a flying kiss at her. 

 ‘Love is to Let Go!’ Sarah muttered as she wiped her tears and got up to clean the mess while her beau traveled continents to live his passion. 



Michael said...

Lovely response, well written.

Susan Zutautas said...

So sad, but sometimes we have to just let go.

Ruchira Khanna said...

Thank you Michael.

Thank you Susan

Sascha Darlington said...

It's sad to lose someone, but she might have been more unhappy if she'd made him stay.