Thursday, May 17, 2018

Know thy Food

We all know the basics: Food is not just a four-letter word or just another common noun that could be associated with anything. It is a word that satiates humanity when the stomach is rumbling as the hands are shaking and the mind is not able to focus. It is the good material that nourishes our system and our soul (depending on the kind of food we ingest) and allows our inner mechanics to function as we continue to breathe and juggle the many challenges that life throws at us. It helps us to keep our composure and think and act according to the circumstances. 
A slice of pizza could have excessive topping of a vegetable that you always disliked. 

Now once the basic hunger is satisfied, the man looks beyond the avenue of what our taste buds desire. 

Joyous or Sad or Gloomy....Junk food is what we all look into although research indicates that sugar is the most harmful substance on this planet, but whenever we have a mood swing we grab a pint of ice-cream or a shake or anything that could help brighten that mood of ours'. 

This is we, humans! 

We crave for something that has trans fat, unhealthy and lots of calories since when emotions run high, the body should go in the dungeon.


Now, sure we can't change the way humans are designed. We need to celebrate when high. We want to drown our sorrows when low in spirits. We need to let go when stuck up in some moment. 

In short...celebration demands junk food!

Let's face it..We are all food junkies. In our heart of hearts we would love to eat junk food any time of the day, but then there is some percentage of people who are mindful. They are cognizant of the fact that why disturb the body when the mind is agitated. 

However, most of us do not fall into that category and take the lash and whip across ourself not realizing the impact it will give later on. 

Darn the mantra of 'Health is Wealth' 

It's the 'Right now Right this moment that matters!'

Food Concoction is the way to go for all the food junkies who do not have control over their senses. All it needs is a bit of creativity and lots of honesty. 

Making a Concoction is creative. It could also taste good. Our taste buds would like the new so-called burger which is usually consisting of mayo, a slice of cheese, a patty, lettuce, slice of tomato, pickle. We could add a slice of roasted eggplant, a slice of zucchini, or any other vegetable which we hate the sight of. This could either make us start liking the plant that we cannot stand the sight of or just cut back on our excess calories by refusing to eat another burger for a long, long time.

With regards to sugar complement your scoop of ice-cream with granola or sliced nuts over it. 
A shake could have sliced fruits, or sweetened with agave instead of sugar. 

Next time when a mood swing hits you. Cook or celebrate your favorite junk food in style. Decorate with all the vegetables you hate the sight of and then serve it up in a big fancy platter. Let's be superficial to ourselves cause the society is so for our health's sake, we can afford to be with ourselves as well, and wait up for the reaction we would love to have all this time.



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