Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Wings of Time...

"Sit up! Do not Slouch!"

"Use your common sense!"

"Value Time! Time will value you!"

"Where are your manners?"

Above are some of her favorite dialogues that still ring within.

Her gentle features, her sweet voice, her sophisticated walk, her style of dressing, her choices were always up to the mark. She was perfection in all avenues thus making me always rely on her for advise, instructions, suggestions whenever life would throw a cannonball at my end. She helped steer my driving wheel to a smooth road even though my foot would rest on the accelerator pedal. Life was comfy. Life was rosy. Life was a homey 'cause I knew even if I would fall I would have her as my gravity blanket which would spring me up emotionally and mentally.
She was my guiding star.

One day I got a call she is gone!

Gone as in Gone!

No Goodbyes!

No last minute instructions on how should I live my life!

Took me days and months to realize that she will not be physically around. Thankfully her voice still echoes within when in plight.

My Mom was my guiding star and today what I am is courtesy her although the fact that she abandoned me on March 12, 2017, still tears my heart.

Whoever said Time heals is not true!

In fact, memories tend to permeate with time just like salt dissolves in the ocean making it highly dense.

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