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Spotlight and Review of The Woman who saw the Future by Amit Sharma

The Woman Who Saw the Future by Amit Sharma

Blog Tour: THE WOMAN WHO SAW THE FUTURE by Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma
Blog Tour: THE WOMAN WHO SAW THE FUTURE by Amit Sharma
Sapna Vaid has lived with a unique power for a decade; a power that turned her from a timid, wide-eyed, college-going girl into the most influential and powerful Goddess on Earth. Sapna can see the future and saves thousands of people around the world every year through her record-breaking, popular show ‘Lucky People’. The show had given Sapna’s life a meaning and gives her the courage to sleep every night, where death and blood await her in her dreams. 
Even though the world is at her feet, the power costs Sapna her personal life. Thousands of prayers that come her way every year are her only solace, her only reason to live. 
When a blinding hatred leads to a desperate act of revenge, a single misuse of her great power triggers a reversal of her fortunes. Now she must decide the path she has to take to preserve her unique gift and her fame, even if it turns her into a murderer on the brink of insanity.
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My Review

Sapna Vaid is an ordinary girl from a middle-class family until disaster strikes, and she loses her brother. There is a vacuum in her family even though they are forcing themselves to go about their regular regime. That's when this girl gets the powers to foresee. 
The storyline picks up at the time of her premonition, and that makes her rich and famous when she conducts a TV show.
Success lead to the heartbreak of her college love. But then soon she gets into wedlock  with her producer. However, circumstances lead to a bitter split especially since a child is in the middle of this breakup.  Life starts going downhill for Sapna since she is enveloped with anger and self-pride mostly due to a bitter divorce.
What did not work for me as a reader:  Was the narration. 
It was at times stretched and redundant. Each chapter opened with a different point of view based on a different character. That hindered the read.

Overall the plot is intriguing in spite of a theme that has been used many times. Kudos to the author to make the storyline gripping, and entertaining, and that's what makes me recommend this book! 

About the author
Amit Sharma’s first fiction book titled False Ceilings has been published by Lifi Publications in 2016. 
His second novel titled ‘The Woman Who Saw The Future‘ was published by Readomania in Nov 2017. 
Amit has been working in a Software Firm for the last twelve years. His hobbies include reading (but of course), watching world cinema, traveling, digging into various cuisines, cooking, listening to music, painting, blogging, making his daughter laugh and helping his wife with her unnecessary and prolonged shopping.  
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