Friday, September 1, 2017

Holidays & School

Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!
No more pencils
No more books
No more teachers' angry looks!
Happy Holidays!

This was the rhyme I used to sing each year from elementary to the end of middle school when I would be coming back from school in my school bus along with my school friends.
Yup, I do realize I have uttered 'school' many times.
What can I say...I miss my school days!

That was the best time of my life 'cause even the bully would become your friend. Even the shy and reserved person would be seen singing. Even the 'elite' classmate would mingle in. That moment when the bus would embark from our school to the individual routes of each of our homes, we all were bonded as strong as the Hydrogen bond that no one just about no one could fizzle that bond away since it bound our DNA's, and all other possible macromolecules together.

I do remember vividly the bus conductor would Shhh us some times. But none were perturbed. Finally, she would give in but wore a distinct smile on her face.

Such was life!
Simple, Unadulterated, and Contagious!

When my bus stop would arrive. Promises were made to call, visit friends' homes and I would even give a teary hug to my besties.

Two and a half months of unadulterated fun. It consisted of visiting my maternal grandparents home near Delhi. Visiting my cousins and that involved good food, late night movies, ice-cream, gossiping, and not to forget even the fights!

But again life was fun!

Within no time, back to school day would arrive. I and my sibling would groan, sulk as we would start getting prepped for the schedule a week prior to that day such as waking up early, eating and bathing on time while arranging our rooms and respective book shelf.

In the meantime, my parents would give out a sigh of relief. Relief that their kids will have a timetable to watch out for and not be disheveled.

Tables turned!
Now as my teen prepped himself into the routine. I was giving out a long exhale. This exhale was an internal happiness that life will be back to order, discipline and productivity.

When it comes to back to school; I watch my kid groom into a routine; I also get a chance to relive my crazy summer days. I realize I will not go back to experience it, but those memories are still vivid and strong within me that it still gives me the goosebumps. Thus, always allowing my kiddo to be unrealistic, wacky and disorientated to his likings cause memories if made can make anyone so alive when he/she tends to ponder over them.


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. This week’s sentence is “It’s back to school time, and I feel…”

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