Thursday, September 14, 2017

A disaster within....

Mother Nature has sure been in the news lately!

Hurricanes, Earthquakes
Some of the  'disasters' that man has labeled when mother nature becomes boorish.

That leads to the destruction of property and losses that man has no choice but to kneel and bow thee!

That's when the man looks upon other brethren either for help or guidance or just a helping hand to be able to stand up and be able to walk that path.

Technically the man would be walking alone on this road trying to figure out a way to find the home amidst this destruction, but scientifically he is not alone. His mind will be transmitting hundreds of neurons and as they network it will either give him ideas to overcome this problem, or it would cripple his walk by conveying thoughts that are sheer negative.

Man's body is an incredible machine. He has chosen to build skyscrapers out of it. The seven wonders. This machine has fostered ideas to grow food on this planet, allowed the man to survive the extreme temperatures when Mother Nature wants the spotlight. The list is just unbelievable that I am sure aliens living on other planets would be going green with envy checking out the resume of our achievements in collective.

Our mind and body have done wonders, and no doubt when Mother Nature strikes; it cripples man, but not for long!

We unite. Clean the wreckage and start fresh.

This mind when combines with the respective body is a full proof of our planet earth's progress. But when the mind does not hold hands with that body it has also shown massacres that can make anybody's heart cry with pain and disgust.

Mind, Body are like a beautiful ensemble. Each must be finely tuned, well nourished and maintained to reach its full potential.

A natural disaster would be when the body and the mind's circuit goes loose. There is no connection between them thus leading to a havoc not only in man's surroundings but also within. Unfortunately, we have many examples around the globe that are horrendous, torturous and painful.

We have one body and one mind that is organic, essential and we are nothing without it.


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