Thursday, July 6, 2017

Got Weight?

As the mercury touches the digits 9 and 0. 

I gulp.

Take a few sips of Nutrisystem cold herbal tea and lay under the cool breeze of the fan while placing a piece of cucumber each over my eyes to avoid those dark circles that usually erupt due to lack of sleep and dehydration, which is normal given the kind of temperature the city is experiencing.

"You gotta move!" Mom commanded to which I was quick to utter, "Nah! I have Nutrisystem to take care of my weight issues."

"Besides, beauty is important!" I clarify.

"What beauty IF things are sagging!" she did not hesitate.

"huh!" I was quick to remove those slices of cucumber off my eyes and stare back at her.

She continued and proclaimed, "Have you checked out your butt lately? How it spreads when you park yourself?" 

Cool or no cool. 

I was quick to get up from the bed and check out my posterior as I cross-examined it from various angles via the reflection of the mirror. 

Seeing the shocked expression on my face, the mom became gentle with her expression.
"Gotta move it a bit! What say?" 

There was a pause, and she continued, "I am heading to the gym. Wanna join?" she inquired.

"Exercise will dehydrate me, and then I will develop dark circles around my eyes" I lamented, "I had signed up with Nutrisystem to take care of my weight." 

 "As I had mentioned earlier, these things don't work." Mom took a long pause, "Think about it. I will be leaving within ten minutes. If you care to join me; meet me in the car." 

She went in to change leaving me in a big dilemma. 

I had never been in this kind of crisis. 

To go, or not to go, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler for the body to suffer
The calidity and the incalescence of Mother Nature, 
Or to get up and face the fury by sweating profusely 
To shed that extra baggage! 

My mind was going berserk as I was trying to decide what to do. Just then the I heard the car honk. I jumped up quickly to peep outside the window. To my shock, I felt the muscles around me still moving in high density while I was observing my mom back out of the garage. 

"Wait up!" I shouted as I waved my arm towards her to which even the muscles around my limb moved aggressively. 

"Jeez gotta start moving and disown this fat before it becomes a part of me!" 

I gulped in shock and horror as I quickly change into track pants but found it difficult to pull them all over. I cover it with an L- size shirt that I grab from my dad's wardrobe. 

'run towards the car, and while I screech to a halt to pull open the door, I observe the mass around me still fluttering around me. I make an eww sign as I park myself in the car.

"Mom, weight issues always move me." I was quick to admit, "Wish you had given this insight earlier." 
"I tried dear, but your earphones were always in the way." she said in a blunt tone as she drove.


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. I re-purposed this post from 2013 for this week’s sentence of “what moves me,” brought to you by my fabulous friend Hillary.

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