Friday, January 27, 2017

Attunement within

Relax is a verb that is generally put into action when life gets very stressed out since I start to complain of aches and pain as the muscles get tensed.

That happens when I am either getting churned or stirring someone else's life.

What to do...Life is about give and take.

I take some.
I give a little.
I moan after that, and then rinse and repeat after I relax or unwind.

Such is Life!

“Accidents happen. Our bones shatter, our skin splits, our hearts break. We burn, we drown, we stay alive.” 
― Moïra Fowley-Doyle, The Accident Season

“Empires collapse, 
Civilizations disappear, 
Health deteriorates 
And bodies turn to ash, 
But life will always go on” 
― Mouloud Benzadi

When I need to relax and unwind I usually try to find peace within.

No thoughts are allowed in.

 I stare myself into space via staring at a bush in my yard with the hopes that no bird or fly comes into the vision or else poof goes my mind as thoughts start flowing.

Thus, staring into this blank space I feel the numbness in my thoughts, my throat becomes dry as I usually forget to gulp. My eyelids become heavy since I am not blinking and thus, making them droopy. As a result, I gradually shut my eyes, and soon I am zzzing.

This snooze is just for a couple of minutes since the head sags, and my neck would give it away waking me up with a jerk.

I can bet on a $20 bill that those couple of minutes that I snoozed off were the best! I wake up fresh and no doubt I massage my neck thereafter cause of the jerk, but that gives me a boost to kick and get kicked.

When no thoughts are processed it is deep sleep. Mind when calmed attunes with all the neurons thus allowing the muscles to relax. The individual wakes up fresh!

Mantra for today: Time to unwind is essential since peace is within us all. 

Disclaimer: Meditation Guru's do not vouch for the above. This is my way to unwind! 


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