Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Self-Introspection and Compassion

Love, Care, Affection, Honesty, Compassion.
These are some of the nouns that are wired into living creatures.
These names hold a special place at the bottom of the heart in every breathing creature, but it's the environment, the setting the circumstances that can either make an individual mute these attributes or can hone it.

When an infant is born, the terms such as sharing, helping his/her sibling, use of the magic words are inculcated. All of them learn it, but as they tread upon the journey of schooling from elementary to middle school, most of them forget all about it. Call it the race to the finish line or just darn lack of time or the choice of priorities.

Adults sure play a significant role in their molding but at times they too are lost in this game thus, choosing to pinpoint only when necessary. The yearning is all within, but unfortunately, the materialistic world blows dust over it thus, allowing this attribute that actually distinguishes man from an animal to bury deep within.

The household is sprinting along the journey called Life. The child is busy with his academics, set of friends and a shield established by his parents with regards to exposure to the wild world. Until a calamity strikes, and this family starts to limp instead of walking with steady steps. All shields are broken. The slow walk makes them see around themselves. Makes them ponder over the pain their neighbor or a passerby is withstanding over a certain issue. That pain can be felt by all in the family. They choose empathy and extend their hand towards them, which is followed by compassion.

Compassion is an essential part of human personality. All of us have it. Some are more aware of it than others. Some of us have buried it under cynicism and some beneath skepticism.

Sickness, Tragedy, Loss, Sorrow make us halt in our rat race, and ponder over the essence of life.

Self-introspection makes us extend our hands to the community dealing with similar concerns since we realize the genuine joy in sharing and caring along the way.

The choice of giving back such as Volunteering of time and money, Gratitude, Exchange of smiles, Lending an ear to the distressed are some of the ways the society can usually be tendered upon when in distress.

What pace we choose to walk upon is the choice that we have to make!

Mantra for today: A Mindful life is the key to Nirvana!


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