Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review of Metro Diaries-2 by Namrata

Metro Diaries - 2 is the second book of stories by Namrata. These are stories about the man and his relationship to the many aspects of life that make him trudge along day in and out. The author has personified the many characteristics that personify life thus, asking her readers to live and not just exist in this humdrum of every day.

This book consists of 20 unique stories, and each of them left a trail on my mind and heart. More so since none of them are fiction. They have either been told, heard stories thus, making me very intrigued on all that life has to offer while also making me grateful to have a so-called monotonous life.

Usually, her stories start by encompassing the surroundings and then it nosedives into the character's mind. That gives the reader a clarity and also makes her presence felt with the character that is undergoing a mental and physical change. The writing is crisp, and it made me envision it all thus, NOT allowing me to read these stories at a stretch. I took days to read and finish it. Blame it on the story teller and the kind of stories she had weaved based on what she had heard.

All the stories are unique, but there is a handful of them that I would like to bring it to the notice.
"Charlatan" a tale that had a unique twist to a philandering husband.
"Stain of Love" made me ponder over the definition of love and stain, which usually never go together. But the author contrived these words together effortlessly.
"Veil Thy Love" a one-of-a-kind take on a tale that symbolizes that "all" things existing have feelings!
"A Rare Sight" gives an insight into a love of a parent, and how he liberates himself from the agony.
"The Last Kiss" provides an insight into the kinds of love man is hungry upon.

Then, there were stories that were blunt, raw yet the truth that usually gets hidden in the urban lifestyle of thy man.
"The Plummet"
"Child is the father of the man."
"The Keepsake"

There were also a couple of stories that had a strange twist, and it brought a smile on my face since it ended with a noun that we all want to associate with (hope!), but alas! Get dejected.
"The Darkest Hour"
"Love V/s Hate"
"A Pinch of Love"

"Mou Athena" was a tale that made me hungry for more. I felt the author left the reader dangling :)

"Rags & Riches" was a beautiful tale and Dear Author I would like a novel shape up from this story. As a reader, I wanted more!

Metro Diaries - 2 is a collection of stories that will leave a lingering taste of many emotions in your mouth and make you ponder on the intelligence of man. How he molds himself when in need of affection, when betrayed, loved, in fear, and in denial. This book via the many stories will help uncover each of these emotions of humanity thus making it a recommended read.

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