Saturday, September 24, 2016

Guest Post of The Smitten Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

Lately it's been raining authors :)

I got an opportunity to meet up with The Sundari Venkatraman.

"I see you have penned down quite an impressive number of books thus, making your writing career as Numero Uno. As a reader and a follower of your author page, could I get a peek into A Day in the Life of Author Sundari Venkatraman?"

Thank you so much for your compliment. Numero Uno!!! Not yet, but soon. :D

All my days are generally the same from Monday to Sunday Unless, I decide to go out by myself or with my family, I work on all seven days of the week. It’s fun since I am my own boss.

I am a late riser, waking up at around 9-9.30 am. I cook on some days when the mood takes, or my part-time cook does the honours. I open my computer at around 11 am. I begin with promotions, a bit of fooling around on social media and then writing.

I do my best to write every day and succeed most days. My target is 2000 words, but it doesn’t really matter as long as I write at least 500 words. What I write today, I definitely edit and proof the very next day. I can’t go forward otherwise.

I read at least a few pages every day. I go for a walk or exercise, depending on my mood. Sometimes, I am too lazy to do either. Dinner is my department and I can’t escape that. So I cook in the late evening.

Late into the night, when all are asleep, I pray. This is basically chatting with my Maker, writing my gratitude journal and visualising my future in colour.

I go to sleep at 2-3 am.

Yeah, my family has given up on me. They realise that it’s more peaceful if I am left to live my life the way I want. ;)

You can get a peek into her work via

Skype: sundarivenkatraman
FB page: Flaming Sun
Amazon Author Page: Sundari Venkatraman
GoodReads: Sundari Venkatraman

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