Monday, August 1, 2016

A World beyond Fiction

Many times I have been questioned about my transition from a Biochemist to becoming a Writer. 

What happened?

"Biochemistry is all about logic, train of thought and science that actually makes sense. And now you are in a non-sense field."

Sure, that is not a pleasant thing to say, but then I wonder we all are living in a world of fiction where tomorrow is uncertain and yesterday was full of drama, and emotions while today is a rinse and repeat of yesterday.

So technically we all are getting our feet soaked in this non-sense world. The only difference is that I am penning down my thoughts thus, allowing my mind to think beyond while others have it all muddled in their heads as they think, and think of what is bothering them and not being able to come to a conclusion!

We currently live in a world that is surrounded by lies, and myths and what stranger can it get beyond this!

The only difference is that a handful of us can translate that fiction via words while there is a majority that keeps it all within them cause they are always in loss of words thus, jumping fences like a Duracell bunny in the hope of getting a solution to their battles within. 

Nothing is stranger than fiction since we all living it, breathing it, unaware most of the times and when questioned a very personal yet fundamental question, "How are you doing?"

Many ponder over it and wonder how exactly they have been doing!

Do we need people to ask us the above to make us actually mull over?

My 2 cents
How strange can it get beyond this? How much torture can a man endure besides living in a world of uncertainty?

Mantra for today: Let's live beyond fiction by being determined of our today. 


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