Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Game of Blindfold

"Swirl her around!" came a command while someone helped me make an 180 degree turn and let go of my hand.

I was helpless and tried to reach out for her hand, but all I could hear was giggles and helter-skelter steps that I could not trace since was blindfolded.

At first, I cursed myself for coming forward to play this game, then breathe deep and tried to follow the sounds in my surroundings.

Alas! My friends were smart and kept quiet.

'aah! you gals are being cheeky!' I commented loudly

A few giggles, which was followed by a quick and stern 'shhh'
All went quiet.

The room was darn still except for the clock ticking. I had to touch a human body within ten minutes or else I will be the laughing stock of my group.

I was nervous as I gulped a few times out of anxiety and that could be heard by my ears.
Finally, I stood still, and gently closed my eyes. I could envision my friends' characteristics and could see where all they would be sneaking in that ten by ten feet room.

Anna would be stuck with her smartphone in a corner of the room
Sara loved to snuggle on a couch with a warm body
Jessica would be the body since she loved company
Sharon would be the one monitoring, and gesturing the girls to take action.

Voila! A couch is easy to trace and as I started walking fluttering my hands in all the directions with the intention to find that stationary object. I could hear giggles while Sharon continuing with her 'shh's.'

Bodies moved but gladly the personalities of some adhered. Thus, after finding the upholstered furniture, the surroundings got warmer and warmer until my hands that were waving rapidly touched someone!

I shrieked in glee and quickly removed my blindfold.

Was amazed to find Sharon in my latch. She was so involved in getting others away from my clasp that she forgot about herself!

Oh! How considerate!

However, I was glad to have my vision back while I thanked my subconscious mind to take control of the situation when I was helpless, and help me out on how to deal this particular situation.

Mantra for today: It's all in your Mind. Just gotta pause and reflect on it. 


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. This week’s sentence is “When I close my eyes, I see…” AWESOME PROMPT right? Your hosts:
As always, me from Finding Ninee
and this week’s sentence thinker-upper, Kerry Kijewski of Her Headache.

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