Thursday, May 12, 2016


Anjali, the character blossomed gradually to the reader as the novel progressed. Her struggle in her marriage and within made me ponder on many issues that the women in society are till date juggling. The freedom to explore when the husband is at work, yet the inability to do so since she has been chained down by many restrictions by her better half made me suffocate thus, the feeling of empathy and compassion grew for this character. Also, the author kept the reader's attention by keeping the chapters small and precise. That was a blessing especially since suffering was in plenty and for a woman to see another woman go through it was torture!

Just as the darkness ends when a streak of light is visible, comes the character Parth. He picks up Anjali from the rambles since she was wandering around aimlessly trying to get love, attention from seekers passing by. Fortunately, his affection was genuine, and I wish the author had shown more of his emotional side rather than the physical attraction since that would have made a lasting relationship in the eyes of a reader. 
Anjali's depression seemed faux at times since it did not give me as a reader enough material to believe in it. 
Another loophole was the easy breezy solve of the murder mystery. I wish the author had given some twists and turns and kept the reader guessing!

Overall a light, easy breezy read, and what delighted me that Anjali had a happy ending, which made me believe once again that the Universe abides with the kind hearted people!


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