Thursday, April 7, 2016

Having a Goal...

"He was monkeying around, and I could not stand it." I lament while laying partially on the comfortable sofa with a cover over my legs. There is green tea next to my couch that I sip now and then to wet my throat when it would get arid and dry. 

Again after a few sips, the complaining would continue while a yawn would be heard in the background!

Time would tick by, and soon a buzzer would be heard.

"Okay! Time's up!" she would not take a second to declare.

"But, But can I finish this incident of mine" I request.

"Unfortunately! I have another client to see," she answers while getting up and clearing my mug from the table thus, giving a clear indication of 'wrap it up!'

I hesitate a bit, but then pick up my frail body from the couch and give it a glance while muttering, 
'until next time.' 

"So what do you think, I should do?" I ask my therapist who usually would get busy typing something. Without wasting a single second, she utters, "The usual. You know the drill, now." she scoffs without even giving me a glance.

That unwelcome and cold attitude when I leave her office after each visit despite paying my dues for her time was eventually choking me. I had to think of an alternative!

I took my chances and skipped one appointment of hers. No doubt, the heart became heavy as overwhelmed with the incidents around me. Mind was churning of thoughts 24 hours, and that resulted in no sleep. The situation got so much out of hand that I forgot the chores for that day. Next day, I had to write it down and paste it on the refrigerator so that the "To-Do" list could be attended to!

Result: I was focussed, and mind could fixate and get things done! The body became tired after the physical labor while accomplishing the list. Sleep came on better along with the confidence to deal with another day!

Soon I got into this habit, and voila the therapist was history!

I write because chalking down my thoughts word by word on a Post-it each day not only gave me a perspective on that day, but it gave me a motive as I could plan my activities for those hours ahead. 
That enabled me to stay focused as I would zoom in on that labor and be motivated to sweat on it, no matter what!!
Following the above regimen lead the mind to be fixated, and not caring of what x, y or z executed. 

Mantra for today: The Mind and the Body are two separate entities, but they can be united if there is a goal!

Psst....This is Fiction :)  ----------

This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. This week’s topic is “Sometimes, I wonder about my writing. I keep on and on because…” Feel free to adapt the sentence to “I write because…” or “I wonder why I write…

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