Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lancinating Love

"Be Ready!" came the command and the phone hung up.

Henna raised her eyebrows to avoid those tears falling as she got up angrily to get dressed and look her best.

The dress was already chosen.

She had no choice thus picked up the matching nail color and with music in the background, she kept practicing her smiles.

Hair and makeup were done in a jiffy since it was the natural act.
Nail color well etched in her nails. She pulled on the dress while eyeing the clock.
Just then she heard the door bell ring. At first, she trembled and quivered. Took a deep breath, pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, and froze.

Looked frantically for that piece of jewelry that defined their marriage; her ring. Wore it, and greeted her man, who scanned her from top to bottom, while extending a cold hand towards her.

"Be your best." he demanded as they drove to the destination.

She nodded obediently while fidgeting with her band, "Hmm... The choices I have made!" she muttered with moist eyes while keeping a pleasant face.

Soon the car stopped.
The couple was blinded with shutterbugs clicking from every angle.
She resisted at first, but after getting a nudge from her partner smiled and waved to the enthusiastic crowd.
The smiles she wore helped dull the sharp, stinging, knifelike pain she received from her love since they got into this union.


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