Monday, March 14, 2016

Grateful and acknowledgement!

 How can someone always be FULL of praises, and lend a helping hand to ALL?

Ever wonder!
Do such people even exist in the first place? 

Meet his beautiful woman, Charli Mills. An individual who is the classic example of the above.
This gentle soul has a smile that is so magnificent that it can light up the distance in miles from where we both live. Such is the genuineness of her smile!

Recently, Charli Mills, the founder of Rough Writers, and 99 words flash fiction who was my beta reader and agreed to do an editorial review for my recent book, "Voyagers into the unknown", was all praises for the book in her current blog.

Her flash fiction prompts will stimulate your brain as you try to keep it within 99 words while attempting to have fiction in it.

Join in that fun, since I have grown a lot as a writer courtesy those flash fictions!

Attaching a Link for you to subscribe to her CarrotRanch newsletter where the different writers who have participated in her prompts get highlighted.

Psst...she showcased my work  amongst many in one of her newsletters!

Read and grow via these subscriptions, and eventually join in the fun at the Ranch with your creative pen.

She will greet you with open arms, and her beautiful community of writers will inspire and give you space to grow!

Did I mention that she has a Bunkhouse Bookstore
Books written/published by the Rough Writers and Friends are featured here. You will get a glimpse of their work via other reviewers, and I guarantee you that you will like at least one book to read and treasure!

She is also lending her name to a noble cause: Check this out and trust me, it is a win-win situation for all. Do participate and not only get some karma points, but also grow as a writer. 

I end this note with gratitude to my virtual friend, confidante and mate.  I acknowledge all her hard work towards keeping us under one roof as Rough Writers as we trudge along in our respective lives and time zones. 

Sometimes Virtual friends could be angels in disguise since they have only seen your smiles from a distance but don't know the fits you throw in person. 

Although, Charli I assure you that I am not so much as the above statement, thus keep the intention to meet you in person some day!

Mantra for today: A smile, a hug can create an impact even if it is virtual. Such is the effect of kindness!

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