Saturday, February 13, 2016

Celebrations on a Valentine's Day

 February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine's Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. 
What amazes me that the male human who majority of them have no sense of planning a romantic evening are thrust upon this celebration. Thus, leading to most of them with a burden and stress for that special day.

We changed the table and our 9 fun ways to celebrate V-day

Uno: The most memorable Valentine's Day I ever had was; when we flipped the whole scenario, and I was supposed to surprise my better half with stuff while he would sit and praise for everything that I did. However, I was expected to act classy and bring out the best in that evening.

This was decided a month before the D-Day, and the man never brought it up or agreed to the above. Result: I thought the ball of surprise is in his court. 

Anyhow, the D-day is around the corner, he reminds me of the "decision", and just then my whole day was put on hold.

Dos: I quickly picked up the phone, asking for reservations at any restaurant, but even with a slack in the economy, these business establishments serving food and drinks were overly booked.

Tres: Anyhow, I thought I just go out and buy some gift and landed up paying double the price for it. Roses were incredibly priced as if they were gold plated, and his favorite cologne was sold out in many stores. My day went in planning stuff and little on my work.

Well serves me right, cause I was the one who asked for that change.

Cuatro: Evening comes, I bring "take out" from a fancy restaurant which took me an hour to get it. 
Cinco: Came home and placed it on an elegant dinnerware stating "I cooked it."
Seis:  Set the table with lights, Gold plated roses, Champagne, and some soft music.

We sat down to eat our "home" cooked meal, to which I repeated umpteen times more to console myself that I had planned out the evening well.

He started to dig in his plate while I watched him and I was hoping that my better half would appreciate my "home" cooked meal.
No response.

I put the fork in my mouth, and to my dismay found the food utterly bland.  "Eww, What happened, this was a good restaurant, and I waited for an hour to get my order," I said out loud!

There, that was the end of my white lie. I was blushing so hard that even the Red Roses were feeling embarrassed seeing my color since they thought they were the ones to bring in Romance in that room, but not now.

My better half broke the silence by a loud laughter, and I could not resist but, joined in.
No doubt that lead to the release of my stress hormones and love was back in the room.

Siete: The soft music synchronized with our heart beats and soon we were dancing arm in arm.
Ocho: Reminiscences of 'how we met', 'the awkward moments' made the whole scenario light up as we chuckled over our clumsiness and uncoordinated skills. 

 Just then the door bell rung. I jumped out of fright since it was not in the itinerary. While the better half nudged me to answer it, I opened to find a LARGE RED packet at my doorstep with a string hanging out. Instructions were to pull the string. Curiosity caught the cat, and I was quick to follow suit.

Nueve: The box popped open with helium balloons and a special gift. I did not have to guess on this one. It was from my Valentine indeed.

What made it even more special was that I was not expecting anything from him. On the other hand, I was disappointed at my planning, execution. 

Mantra for today: Expectations always lead to disappointment.


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