Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Bodhi Tree

This Winter I visited a restaurant that was unique in many ways besides the name, "Under the Bodhi Tree" which means "Sitting under the Tree of Enlightenment."

Now, it had me curious how a restaurant would have such a divine name, and why?

Well, this place not only serves vegetarian food but the menu keeps changing based on the production of the local farmers according to the changing seasons. How remarkable is that!!

Which business owner would think of the community first?

Besides designing a delicious menu, they also strive to maintain a green environment by their eco-friendly operations and that includes front of house and back of house recycling, high-efficiency water and energy usage and using recycled paper products whenever possible.

The Law of Karma comes true here since this restaurant has a motto to serve selflessly thus, the Aura in this restaurant was exceptional and striking! The food ingredients were simple, but each bite was delectable and appetizing. I could sense a balance of Physical-Emotional-Mental-Spiritual within me!

When I entered the eatery, I ordered like anybody would. But while sitting there, I noticed people would eat and clean after they were done. That made me feel like home and followed suit, thus making me a little sad upon leaving since within that short time I started getting that sense of belonging, an acceptance for who I am via the ambience, the courteous staff and the earthy food.

The name, Bodhi Tree, that setting, that environment and the vibes inspired me with ideas of how to give back to the society with a conscious effort and making it numero uno priority!

My 2016 sentence of the year is: Always Give a Little More Than you Promise!
Word of the year: Give


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