Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ahoy! College Dunia

Welcome to the College Dunia where a youngster looking for a college can search, choose, and finalize his destination for the next 3 to 5 years with just an ease of a button.


Picture this
A stressed out teen in New Delhi, India scanning various advertisements in the newspaper and magazines, circling them and making notes. An even stressed out mom texting, calling her neighbors or friends inquiring about good colleges for engineering since her son wants to major in that field. Although proud of his dream and aspiration, their son will be a first engineer in their family thus, making her knock on doors for answers and checking for sources for the names of colleges suggested or read.

Alas! By the time she finishes charting information about a particular college from her neighborhood aunties, she would be able to chart a family tree of all of them since a lot of gossips usually accompanies the required information.

But who needs that kind of investigation and who has the time? comes to their rescue and with just one search of Delhi University, this family would be able to come to a decision, plan out their fees in advance, read reviews about their selected colleges and get an overview of all the courses being offered, the faculty, and the required exams to qualify. All charted out in order thus giving this family some quality time to cherish the moments together before the youngster packs his bags to the University.


Another home overseas, looking into Top 10 universities in India. With India's brain drain over the years, foreigners all over the globe have recognized the caliber of education of this country. Besides the competence, and quality it is also easy in the pocket with the current exchange rate of dollar and rupees. Thus, giving the Caucasian family a chance to send their children to India's top notch universities. will give them a virtual tour of the different universities in India by allocating information by the degrees, different states, kind of fees, duration of the course, kind of program via the types of universities.

Phew! So many categories and sub-categories. Wouldn't it be nice if a site can help do the permutation and combination for you. is at a click's away!
They are an extensive listing portal, with information of more than 10000 colleges in India, a platform for students to come up and choose their institution. They can take the jitters away not only from the student but also from the parent by giving them an insight into the tuition fees, and the course duration. Thus, allowing the family to get an outline of what they are getting into.

It is a one stop destination to avoid the hassles of traveling, calling, emailing since all the information is right on this site. Thus, making the family confident, active and satisfied with their choice while thanking technology for it is not only making their lives comfortable, but also cozy as they snug as a bug in a rug and finalize the future of their progeny.


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