Thursday, August 27, 2015

This Past Summer...

It has been in the news all over, California is facing a drought and this time it is severe since it has been four years, and the water reservoirs are depleting thus the rationing of water.

Short showers, No wasting water on landscaping or swimming pools and no fun water activities.

What a bummer, huh! 

Visualize this: School out!
High Temperatures during the summer and no fun activity revolving around water!
"Such a boring summer" as the kid would usually squeal with agony and distress.

But alas! Rules are rules thus, after a few exchange of dialogues between an adult and the kid; the conversation would die down with a usual, "oh! Man. Summer sucks!"

Sure it sucks. I totally get it!

Thus, mounting the pressure of how to keep this kiddo entertained without exposing him to lots of screen time. Thus, besides organizing play dates, night outs.

I tried out various tactics...some failed while some were partially a success while some rocked!

First off was exposing the kid to various delicacies of food and mind you none was cooked at home thus, avoiding bruising a mom's ego.

Introduced Dark Chocolate. He has been a fan of milk chocolate, but this was a totally new world for him, and I wish I could have clicked a pic of him. But now, this video will tell it all.

There was lots of Ice-Cream, Sundae Floats, Gelato's, and anything that would be freezing temperatures.

Introduced Chess. We played loads of it. I still suck, while he climbed three stairs to it. That expression of when he would defeat me....Priceless!

Music...lots of it. He played, I sang. Sometimes we allowed singers such as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Andy Grammer to name a few in our home. The loud blaring music would throw away all inhibitions as we would jump and dance to it. Laughter was our constant companion during this practice and towards the end, we had developed a good appetite thus, giving justice to most of the cuisines that we tried.

The school started this Monday, and what I'll miss about summer is my kid's company. No doubt we argued over things, there were banging on doors, high pitched voices, but there were many smiles too! I will miss them all since good and bad is what makes the memories so memorable!!

Until next summer, which will be a water soaked fun season if and only if the El-Nino hits us this winter. I shall keep the above memories close by!

Mantra for today: Good and Bad, when mingled, leaves a distinct flavor just like enjoying dark chocolate; bitter and sweet.


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