Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Heart and the Mind

From an infant to 15 years of age,  I was brought up in a family that not only consisted of my parents but also my grandparents, my dad's brothers, and their respective families.
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In other words, a joint family!

A family where there was lots of laughter, nursing, helping, sharing when the need would arise but also a family where you hardly got a corner to yourself since people were in abundance thus, there would be constant chitter chatter going around.

Result: the ears would constantly be listening whichever room you would go into except the restroom (thank heavens!). But then with so many people and only four bathrooms, we could not take forever in it. Soon there would be banging and constant urgent commands such as, "Hurry up!" Such continuous and demanding instructions would make anybody squirm out of there.

In short, there was no time to keep the mind lull except at night. But, I guess with the light's out command by the elders, I was so exhausted by then, that the body would give in without any notice thus leaving no time to treasure the quiet moment.

Alas! Mind was never at rest! Thus, as a teen my heart would desire, ache, long for some moments of peace (most of the times).

That longing used to be so tenacious that I would even sign up for some activities in school that I had never ever dared to do.

One such instance was when I signed up for National Cadet Cops (NCC) for girls in India. That required me to be away from home on Sunday's (a day when ALL the family would be home) for the most part of the day since they would be conducting mental and physical training. I enjoyed it to the fullest. Unfortunately, that did not last for long, and I signed out of it when I injured my lower back and sciatica troubled me for months.

No doubt, the family was there to nurse me, take care of my needs and wants while in pain.

Alas! As a teen, I took all this for granted thus, when all well. I ventured into something even more daring.

 With an opportunity around the corner, I signed up for a week long hiking trip to Dharamsala, a place up north near Tibet. Thousands of miles away from home. The mountains, the valleys and the hike amongst these trails en route the forests of deodar, pine, oak and the streams and rivers and waterfalls did wonders to my mind. Since time does not stand still,  I was back home. Needless to say, I created magnificent memories that still rejuvenate me when I am in any crisis.

My parents could read my mind thus, would not protest since they knew that when it came to my heart, I would not listen to anybody. They gave me wings to fly however in a protected environment and till date I am thankful to them for allowing me to flap my feathers when the need would arise.

Gradually our family was getting bigger, so we moved out from our family home and no doubt there would be times when I would miss all the fun, the gossips, the sharing of duties and laughter. But towards the end, I appreciated those quiet moments within and around me, which actually led me to be super productive since the mind was keeping a low profile thus, could concentrate on what my heart desired.

Mantra for today: When the heart desires, the universe complies if the longing is strong.


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