Thursday, June 4, 2015

My "lunatic" neighbor

Every morning once the kid is dropped to school I try to go for a brisk walk around my neighborhood to jolt my metabolism so that it keeps pumping when I indulge into my routine of to-do's, must have's, deadlines, hubbubs of the day!

On the first day of my morning walk, I saw a man in his mid-50's sitting on his front lawn and waving out to passersby. At first I was a little hesitant, so I just nod at his wave and pass by feeling very strange.

As the days went by, I started getting immune to his friendly smiles and "howdy!" greeting. Soon, I began to reciprocate, and honestly it would fill me up with lots of positivity.

But soon a red alert was sounded in my ears when my neighbor tagged him as a lunatic, crazy old man who has lost his mind thus sits outside to do the above.

The word, "mad" threw me in a frenzy cause I feared my safety. Thus, started to avoid him but used to feel sorry to not reciprocate.

Every morning turned into a dilemma and the hurtful feeling of having to prevent a friendly smile thus forced me to invent a new path for my walk.
But deep inside I was not satisfied. My mind and my heart started arguing over the word, "lunatic" and wanted to know more about this man.

Thus, started the Sherlock Holmes inside me. I started poking around for some more information about this person. Since he lives in my lane, retrieval of information was quick.

I was heart broken on how we assess somebody!
He is a chartered accountant and has a command on his numbers thus, helps file taxes for busy people like you or me, and just cause he wants to spare some time to spread his cheerfulness around, we attach a maniac label next to him.

Who is the actual jerk in all this?

The world really needs more of such "tagged" jerks while we who proudly label them as maniacs should take a back seat!

Mantra for today: Never evaluate a book by its cover!


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. Today’s prompt was “The world needs more…”.Join in the fun!
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