Monday, May 11, 2015

Not just a mere privilege...

One Human Life, and, fortunately, many rights!

Authority to Freedom, Speech, Equality, and a right to get Educated.

No one should be spared from the above. Just as inhaling Oxygen is not yet taxed, the same concept should be applied to humans desiring to study. 

No gender should be discriminated when they show a desire for gaining knowledge. 

What is Knowledge? 
Knowledge is not just information about the world, but it is imparting the philosophy of life, gaining the expertise on how to survive in this lifetime by sheer awareness, and learning the know-hows of the basics that can help a human earn his living respectfully. 

If an individual is informed, trained, or schooled. She will be able to rise to any challenges and help pave a path for herself and her family.

In this world, where everything is ruled by money. When a person is in a financial soup, the wisdom will help him to work his way out of any monetary concerns.

Education makes an individual smarter, conscious, confident, and gives a perspective to his/her life. 

Lately, P&G India is following up on the education of rural India, and if we can help their mission by just purchasing their products. This will help them spread happiness, joy and contentment in the society by making it safe, secure and financially independent.

Mantra for today: Education, a noun but is the mother of all Adjectives when knowledge is imparted.

This Post has been written for P&G Shiksha 

Stepping Forward to Help their Education

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