Sunday, April 5, 2015

Darkness and my Perspective

Technically, darkness is another aspect of our life just as the brightness is. It usually teaches us to unwind from the day and get ready for the other day.

But, statistics show that a crime is conducted by adults after 6pm to 3am.

Ponder over this: When we are hiking in the forest during the day, we feel that the nature is out to hug us, and we feel blessed to be surrounded by greenery. But if we are returning on the same tracks when it gets dark, we would prefer to possess a flashlight or a lantern.

Darkness is defined as the absence of light.

The preference to have the path illuminated when walking could be due to two factors. One would be to avoid tripping over and hurting oneself and second is to avoid being the victim of some crazy lunatic who considers darkness a prime moment to attack.

As it gets dark so; do some minds. With the intelligence getting dim, it means there are bad thoughts. These evil ideas start spinning like a wheel in motion, and this circulation is difficult to stop unless it hits someone. Immoral or negative thoughts bring in the urge of destruction that leads to sorrow.

While few homo sapiens are going through the urge to hurt someone, there are people who are aware of such vibes around them and are scared. They are afraid of being the target of  reckless behavior; they are apprehensive of being hurt. Who likes to be victims of such aimless targets that are out just for the urge to cause mental and physical pain?

That is unfortunate.

WHY do "some" people start getting negative thoughts when it begins to get dark? Why do all evil things happen once the sun sets?

Is it because the person does not want to be judged, and as it gets dark, no one will recognize him and so, it is easy to go astray and take out one's vengeance?

 Is that justified?

Why does Darkness encourage "some" to become evil? Is it because, with no lights, no sight thus, no one to assess our behavior?

Is this world becoming so competitive and we are scanning each other so minutely that, we feel naked in daylight? But then when the sun dawns upon us, there are some who take out their frustration and put other people's lives in jeopardy just to relieve that tension?

Frustration, Annoyance, Resentment are the causes that man tends to retaliate when no one is watching him. Although, many get caught in their inappropriate actions, there are some who still roam the planet.

My 2 cents
Let's throw away the barriers of intolerance, bigotry and partiality amongst us. Darkness will be embraced just as well as Sunlight, by all.

Mantra for today: Man is born with the same number of cartilage, thus equal in all aspects. But the society that he has created has made discrimination amongst him. 

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