Friday, March 13, 2015

To Ban or not to Ban

Origin of term, Ban

Ban or, in other words, boycott term was used ever since man was fighting for freedom. However, that time this official forbiddance led to something revolutionary. Making the foreigners leave their country attained freedom. This insurgency made people realize the impact of this noun and embraced it as they continued to rule, breathe and live on their terms in a country that they called home.
Man is boycotting things from his fellowman. Sure, sounds unconstitutional, but we ought to control each other by drawing boundaries now and then especially when we need to keep our environment clean from toxins that could be in the air or on the land. For an instance ban of plastic bags, or smoking cigarettes in public are some classic examples, which are worthy for the prohibition.
However, times have changed since then. Ban of some things, objects, and articles, have lately created a furor amongst the public.
When something is not going right ban it. When people oppress it, officially forbid it. When the thing is too explosive to handle, prohibit it. When an object is harming people, suppress it.
For instance, ....

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