Friday, January 9, 2015

Change in Perspective

Year 1986

When I submitted my application for the school president; my classmates started buzzing around me with requests and appeals while I made a note of them. I clearly remember writing sentences such as, "Long recesses and access to the playground."
"Canteen should be open for a long time and should sell good (aka junk) food"
"Picnics should be organized at least three times in an academic year."

I was elated by the requests, and when I went on the podium to give  my election speech,
"You should vote for me for President because, etc. etc."
 I could hear a thunder in the audience along with loud cheers!  And I knew that my school mates wanted the same thing, and voila! That was an easy win since I captured the hearts of many.

However, what happened when I took the title is another story since the principal did not come close to agreeing to any of my terms. Within months, my friends became my foes as they had helped me campaign for these elections while I promised them the stars.

Year 2011

I met up with my school friends, and we recollected the election time. All of them laughed hysterically and unanimously said, "Blah! We were such idiots to make those demands."

My 2 cents
Age and time bring in a certain outlook towards life, and that leads to awareness thus bringing in certain demands.We were at that stage when we needed those things such as long play time, more junk food, more fun. Thus, when an opportunity came knocking, we grabbed it and asked for it.

Today if a presidential candidate would approach me, I would want a better health plan, a secure job, and yada yada.

Mantra for today: Priorities change with age, which is termed as maturity by mankind.

Join in the fun at FTSF. Their prompt is: You should vote for me for President because

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