Sunday, November 2, 2014

Belief in God

Morals are defined as the rules of right conduct.

Does a man follow the set of rules because he believes in God since he worships him or does he believe in God because he has morals in his life?

Morality and Philosophy

All living beings have a soul. This is a living thing that is within the body. This Soul is our guide, our knowledge to help us distinguish between right and wrong.  This knowledge usually directs and chaperones us in the daily hustle bustle of life while we face the many challenges, pitfalls and talks to us when emotionally down. Consciousness is our awareness that we think about, and experience it on a daily basis.

Consciousness is a vast field, which encircles around a wide range of possibilities that get thrown at us it is also a field of creativity that allows us to come up with solutions when surrounded by problems; it is a set of intuitions that make us take decisions accordingly. Our intentions are also surrounded by our consciousness. Consciousness is about love, friendship, imagination, compassion, kindness, and peace of mind.

Consciousness is our blue print. How we act, react, and think can bring changes in our body and our life.

Our Morals strongly govern our life, and the life we lead solely depends on our actions, reactions and thoughts.

Who is God?

God is understood to be a superficial force above us that is supreme and is an object of faith.

Many modern and medieval philosophers have argued existence of God.

Those that believe in this supreme force address him by the name of the religion they follow.

Today Christianity, Hinduism, and Muslims are the most followed and popular religions in the world.

Some noted examples are Allah for Muslims, Jesus for Christians, and Krishna for Hindus

God and Philosophy

For those who believe in God, have a fear factor within them, and that makes them perform good deeds or go on a road that is full of morals. God is their anchor, and that helps them develop their path towards a righteous one. This honest route helps them shape a conscientious life for themselves by the decisions they make and implement.

Does God Exist

For those who do not believe in the existence of the supreme, but have consciousness continue to perform their duties and walk on the path of virtue, which in turn helps them shape a bright destiny for themselves.

Morality today

Morality is gradually becoming extinct. We are living in a world of “Me-Myself-Mine”. With the rise of social media, we are becoming like a robot. Constantly hooked to the Internet where feelings and authenticity go missing.

The result: Dust covers our consciousness thus, making the living of a man a sham.


For those who believe in god, worshipping him could be a blessing in disguise since such a population will tend to look into their consciousness every now and then; and try to walk on the path of morals.

Today’s society needs someone with the authority to keep reminding us of our sheer existence and the reason we are on this planet.

However, man could in turn blame the factors of inflation and corruption, but the bottom line is that a man invented those means. Thus, getting us back to the front of morals and how we could keep our consciousness alive.

Soul is the blue print of our body

We can bring changes in our body by only being conscious of our actions, thoughts, and reactions towards others.

Mantra for today: The universal energy that runs our life, is supreme. Bow thee!
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