Thursday, October 16, 2014

When the heart aches after a change...

Change is a word that makes our earth spin around the sun, and we see dusk and dawn at every few hours interval. Thus, making none of us bored of the constant weather or the time.

Change is the language spoken when an infant turns into a toddler and eventually changes to a preteen then teen, which is followed by an adult and then growing old. This Change is inevitable, and we all have embraced it well by comparing pictures of us a child to an adult, and getting amused over the development seen so far.

Change is necessary!

Change is imminent, and we cannot do anything about it cause the moment we are born, this alteration is happening around us, but somehow there are some areas where we want life to halt. We want that to stay constant, more so since memories are associated with it, and we need to keep that candle burning to have that support around us, 24*7.

Yes, you guessed it right!


We want a certain affiliation to be around us, forever!
We want the support and love and guidance of our parents or a loved one so that we are never left out in a crowd, and never asked to make a decision all on our own. We want that someone to be always holding our pinkie even though we are ourselves aged and wrinkled.

Changes happening in a relation are torturous since memories are associated with it, and it can distress an individual and give him pain for losing a somebody that he wants to be around.

But then change is the law of nature!

Change cannot be partial or else there will a catastrophe. Man will not understand the responsibility, and thus will not be accountable for their actions since they will always be  leaning upon that someone.
We ought to grow so that he can allow the chain of events to happen, and it will follow suit.

As I embrace the change today, I will apply the balm to sedate my ached heart that weeps over the memories accumulated over the years. I will let go of the individual who carved a path of awareness and understanding towards life and the higher energy thus, helping me lay a foundation of enlightenment, which I will pass along to the coming generation, when the time comes!

Mantra for today: Change is inevitable, and it teaches us all to be responsible one day or the other. 

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