Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween and its spooky reasons..

When the month of October dawns upon us, my kid rushes to a Halloween store to purchase an outfit more so since I am not that hands-on to create what he wants to be.

So, an investment of ~$30 every alternate year is not bad especially with that priceless smile. He loves his costume so much that fortunately he would not mind wearing the same costume for the next Halloween too. As a parent, this is a bonus and a good deal...happy child with no tantrums is a happy household!

The ritual year, after would be dad and kid going trick or treating and myself opening doors to greet children and to offer them treats.  

Until one Halloween, I wanted to play dress up. Went to the store to try to find a costume to fit my persona. Found different wigs, after trying them out at the store, found it very entertaining, and interesting to see the character I would evolve in distinctive hairpieces. This character would have the same features, yet be so different thanks to the toupee.

More than anybody, I feel nice to be outside the bun, and be doing something unusual. I feel invigorated yet childish at the same time. Initially it feels strange, but after pondering in the new character for a few minutes, I feel comfortable, and look forward to Halloween each year more so to bring out a new character. A character that is so me cause of the features but yet different thanks to the hair extension. And as a writer, it helps me create a storyline around it. 

This is a double bonus for me!

Mantra for today: Tickle your inner self by transforming once in a while. You will be surprised at your potential. 

FTSF is here. Today's sentence is: Until one halloween.
Join in the fun!

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