Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oh, how Lucky!!

"Hey, look R I got a new bag on my birthday!" 
"Oh! how lucky!"

"Wow! Your racquet is swell. Is it new?"
"Yes, I got it on my birthday!"
"Oh! how lucky!"


Yes, you guessed it right!

When I was a kid, I really believed that Luck plays an important role on your special day. Lucky was my favorite word, and I believed that people are lucky just darn lucky especially when they are close to their special dates such as birthdays.

I admit being pampered on my special day and going on and on about being lucky and being showered with gifts, attention and love would make me chuckle with joy!

Then I went one step further.

Well, a teen mind got to go into the depths of luck since I wanted to prove that one's b'day can be a lucky day of that year so, I went without learning for a test on my special day and when the paper was handed to me. I grabbed my pen, and wished me luck and started answering the questions.

The questions seemed tough esp. since I did not study for them, but I was so banking on luck on this special day of mine that I had no worries. Somehow at the back of my mind, I had this strange illusion that this luck fairy will come and write all the necessary text for me in this paper and voila! Tomorrow I will be shining like any angel with flying colors.

I turned in my paper.

Enjoyed my day guilt free since I was feeling so darn lucky!

Next day I woke up with a weird feeling, but then I had a small chit-chat with the lady luck, and that brought a smile on my face. Went to school and was anxiously waiting up for my test results.

The teacher was personally handing out the papers to each student. I waited up anxiously yet confident.
When the paper came into my hands, I was shocked.

I jumped up from my seat since I never got this kind of letter in my life.

My instant reaction was a loud, "What the..." then took a deep breath; sat down with moist eyes and after folding my paper I tucked it away in my bag.

That whole day I could not figure out how this happened. It was my lucky day then what went wrong. My friends tried to cajole me, but in vain!

Reached home to show that darn paper to my mom, who was equally shocked to see F, but after hearing my side of the story about luck giving away. Did not shout, but heard me out!

I still remember the one sentence she said to me, which sticks close to my heart!
"If you work hard, luck will be on your side!"

That left me speechless! I was ~13 years old at that time, and till date my birthday is just another day where I continue to work hard like any other days of the year!

Mantra for today: Nothing comes easy without a sweat!


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