Thursday, July 17, 2014

Incidents followed by Investigations

As another Airline goes down today, and this time, unfortunately, the reason was clear. 

It has been speculated to be shot by a BUK missile by a Ukrainian rebel who was  fighting against its' government. 

Intentions were set someplace, but, unfortunately, someone else became the victim of this incident.

The plane crashed, killing 295 people on board. The impact was so high that bodies were seen nine miles around this incident. 
Ghastly indeed!

The world is watching and in shock!

No one wants to take the responsibility.

Ukraine and Russia are blaming each other for this ghoulish incident while Malaysia government wants to investigate before  pointing fingers at anyone!

While the bureaucrats play the accusation game. From a distance, a common man weeps!

He weeps for the loss of his family, friend, relative,  neighbor, or just a passer-by who was just going about minding his own business. 

I wonder once the investigation is done, will it bring the lives of those 295 back? Will life be back to normal? Will the void of a person gone be filled?

My 2 cents
Although, it was a misfortune for the airline to be there around that time of their bout, and one could call it kismet or just a mere incident. The investigation will not be able to balm any of the sorrows that a family has experienced by their loss in this plane crash.

Needless to say, when one human victimizes another, he bears more pain than the latter. We inflict wounds on someone, we bear the misery somewhere within. That same can be imposed when we do an act of kindness.

It's ultimately WE who are suffering. No "you", "I", "us", or "they".

However, Peace, Harmony, Truce, Amity are words just used during our childhood days. We have got to bring this vocabulary back in our adult lives in order to put our sorrows and our happiness in perspective.

Mantra for today: We are inventors of happiness and sorrows. Choice is ours to make!

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