Monday, June 23, 2014

Relationship Choices

Relationships can be very complicated in this age since no one has time to communicate, and, unfortunately, for any relationship to survive conversation makes it complete. 
All relationships need amiability, but with our egos clashing at every second of the way, staying in an accord can not only be a torture to oneself, but also to another body who is punching you with words that tend to injure one's self esteem.
While the other side of a relationship is rapprochement, peace, which  is thy name of it. But these days when an individual tends to choose qualifications in person for a relationship and then when strong heads collide...who is to be blamed?

Live-in and marriage are two words that are losing ground more so cause people are spending 10-12 hours at work, and no time to devote to their partners. However, when lust and love start to mingle, a live in relationship is born. Sure, there is no harm to it cause two individuals are trying and testing each other out in all possible ways. These days even retail stores give you 30 days to keep the product before returning it so, there is no harm done.

Marriage is a full commitment and sure it needs a lot of work from both ends, but the benefits it reaps is bountiful especially when an individual turns old and ragged. It's like working hard for many years and saving money in the bank, and then enjoying life with the interest gained from it each month. Result is a carefree life cause you worked hard towards that relationship in all areas thus, understanding and tolerance has been developed between partners as it has been tried and tested over the years. Thus, when it comes to reaping benefits there you are laying back on a reclining chair and enjoying with a mock-tail or a cocktail more so to pacify the heat that envelopes you since appreciation, and an informal agreement has been already been charted out.

Seeing today's trend, any relationship is fine as long as man is communicating and can renew, recharge each morning by talking out his problems to someone rather than taking on the burden to work the next day.

My 2 cents

Since Time is money, why doesn't man walk steadily towards a long term relationship, aka marriage cause why waste time over a short term thing.

Mantra for today: A closed relationship can help find a special friend.

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